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I am a technologist currently focusing on making a social impact.

I write blog posts and tweet fairly regularly. I do speak at developer events from time to time.

I live and breathe open-source. I created the world’s first truly headless web browser, PhantomJS, used by thousands organizations for web automation. I authored Esprima, the world’s first proper JavaScript parser in JavaScript and one of the most popular npm modules (80M monthly downloads).

In the past, I was involved with various FOSS (free and open-source) communities, contributing to high-profile projects such as WebKit, KDE, and Qt.

I worked for two start-ups, Shape Security and previously Sencha. At Shape Security, I led its 50-person engineering team. I helped building the team and the product from the ground-up, from its conceptual stage to the first customer deployment and now protecting top Fortune 500 banks, airlines, retailers from various attacks: credential stuffing, account take over, site scraping, etc.

In the past, I studied engineering physics at the Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia). I pursued and obtained my doctorate degree (magna cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Paderborn (Germany). My name has been listed as the author/co-author of over 30 research papers in the field of fiber optic communication system.

To reach me, write to ariya.hidayat AT

You can write to me in English or Bahasa Indonesia (preferred, if you know the language).

While I have been around the world, these days I live with my family in Mountain View, one of the many cities that make up Silicon Valley.