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Deploying an Uberjar to Dokku

5 min read

Dokku is a self-hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that offers a compelling alternative to popular PaaS solutions like Heroku. With built-in support for Linux containers, deploying an application on Dokku is straightforward. However, there is a lesser-known deployment method that involves sending a build artifact, such as a JAR package for Java apps, directly to Dokku.

Continuous Integration for React Native Apps with GitHub Actions

5 min read

For React Native mobile apps targeting Android and iOS, an easy way to setup its continuous integration is to take advantage of Actions, an automation workflow service provided by GitHub. Even better, for open-source projects, GitHub Action offers unlimited free running minutes (at the time of this writing).

On GitHub Actions with MSYS2

3 min read

Thanks to the complete GitHub Actions for MSYS2, it is easier than ever to construct a continuous integration setup for building with compilers and toolchains which can run on MSYS2.

Cross-compiling with musl Toolchains

3 min read

When working on command-line utilities which can be useful for various platforms, from Windows on x86 to Linux on MIPS, the existence of a cross-compilation is highly attractive. A number of different binaries can be constructed conveniently from a single, typically powerful host system.

Nix Package Manager on Ubuntu or Debian

3 min read

Even though Ubuntu/Debian is equipped with its legendary powerful package manager, dpkg, in some cases, it is still beneficial to take advantage of Nix, a purely functional package manager.

Practical Testing of Firebase Projects

5 min read

Your little Firebase project is getting bigger every day? Never underestimate the need to establish a solid and firm integration tests from the get go.

Search Box and Cloud Function

2 min read

For a blog hosted with Firebase Hosting, it turns out that a little search box is fairly easy to implement by using Cloud Functions for Firebase.

Automatic Merge of Pull Requests

2 min read

After using Azure DevOps for a while, I am totally sold on its Auto Complete feature for pull requests. While it does not apply universally, I do believe that any development process should be at the level where merging pull requests, or generalizing it, integrating all forms of contribution, should be as automatic and as hassle-free as possible.

Clang on Windows

3 min read

Thanks to the MSYS2 project, now there is an easy way to utilize Clang to build C/C++ application on Windows. This works equally well for both 32-bit and 64-bit programs.

Continuous Integration of Vanilla C Programs for Intel, ARM, and MIPS Architecture

5 min read

Developing cross-platform applications presents a major challenge:, how to ensure that every commit does not break some combinations of operating systems and CPU architectures. Fortunately, thanks an array of online services and open-source tools, this challenge becomes easier to tackle.

Cross Compiling with Docker on WSL 2

4 min read

Now that WSL 2 packs a true Linux kernel and supports Linux containers (via Docker), it can be a perfect setup to perform application cross compilations.

Basics of Memory Access in WebAssembly

7 min read

WebAssembly is getting more popular than ever. The use of WebAssembly outside the confinement of a web browser also starts to gain traction, as evidenced from projects such as WebAssembly Interface. Understanding the memory model of WebAssembly will be important in order to fully comprehend its power as well as its constraints.

Deploying React Native Applications using App Center

6 min read

React Native emerged as a popular framework to build Android and iOS applications from a single code base. Verification of React Native apps during the development phase is not always easy, but thanks to a host of managed services, the CI/CD process can be simplified a lot.