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Improve Clarity by Eliminating Vague Pronouns

4 min read

Many forms of technical communication (functional specification, sprint planning, test plan, etc) need to demonstrate clarity. Unfortunately, clarity is often sacrificed – sometimes unconsciously – by an excessive use of ambiguous references.

Public Speaking: How to Elevate the Confidence Level

5 min read

Professional public speakers are always confident in their delivery. For the rest of us mere mortals, the confidence level can be boosted by our ability to maintain eye contact and demonstrate a good posture. Of course, it also helps to avoid any speech fillers as best as possible.

The Pyramid of Articulate Communication

2 min read

Being able to communicate with clarity and conciseness is a critical skill to the success of every engineering manager, tech lead, and software architect. A very typical approach to achieve that is by having a lot of deliberate practice.

Fun with Single-Element CSS Spinner

2 min read

There is no shortage of ready-to-use CSS-based loading spinners. Yet, it is still fun to derive a spinner from scratch, particular if the constraint is to use only one DOM element.

Deploying to Firebase from Visual Studio Team Services

3 min read

Firebase is an attractive service from Google to build web, Android, and iOS applications. Visual Studio Team Services is an amazing service from Microsoft to host code and to run deployment script. How can we combine these two services together?

Upgrading to HTTPS with stunnel

2 min read

If you are running an HTTP server and would like to enable SSL, an easy way to do that is to use a terminating proxy. Among others, stunnel is relatively simple and very easy to use.

Emotional Resilience

3 min read

When growing a small organization, such as a technology start-up, the first few hires are extremely critical. Yet, among many attributes which must be identified during the interview process, emotional resilience is often overlooked.