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Fun with Single-Element CSS Spinner

2 min read

There is no shortage of ready-to-use CSS-based loading spinners. Yet, it is still fun to derive a spinner from scratch, particular if the constraint is to use only one DOM element.

Deploying to Firebase from Visual Studio Team Services

3 min read

Firebase is an attractive service from Google to build web, Android, and iOS applications. Visual Studio Team Services is an amazing service from Microsoft to host code and to run deployment script. How can we combine these two services together?

Upgrading to HTTPS with stunnel

2 min read

If you are running an HTTP server and would like to enable SSL, an easy way to do that is to use a terminating proxy. Among others, stunnel is relatively simple and very easy to use.

Emotional Resilience

3 min read

When growing a small organization, such as a technology start-up, the first few hires are extremely critical. Yet, among many attributes which must be identified during the interview process, emotional resilience is often overlooked.

Static Site with Hugo and Firebase

4 min read

About a year ago, I decided to abandon WordPress for this blog and switch to Hugo to generate the content and Firebase to host it. How did the authoring workflow change due to this switch?

First Look: Kotlin Native

2 min read

A big surprise in the Kotlin land was the technology preview of Kotlin/Native that can compile your Kotlin program into native executable, thereby completely eliminating the need for Java Virtual Machine.

Squeezing JPEG Images with Guetzli

3 min read

Guetzli, a new JPEG encoder from Google, is a promising solution to reduce the size of JPEG images without causing any perceptible degradation in quality.

Debian on Windows via WSL

3 min read

Debian is well known for its legendary stability. These days, with the help of Windows Subsytem for Linux (WSL), Debian’s rich sets of tools and utilities are also available to millions of Windows users.

Windows for Web Development

3 min read

Microsoft Windows, a popular consumer operating system, can be a capable platform for web developments. There are three hidden tricks to make that happen: utilize a package manager, use a powerful code editor, and run Linux within Windows.