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Search Box and Cloud Function

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For a blog hosted with Firebase Hosting, it turns out that a little search box is fairly easy to implement by using Cloud Functions for Firebase.

As with the current trend nowadays, this blog is a static site prepared with Hugo and deployed to Firebase (see my previous blog: Static Site with Hugo and Firebase). Some time ago, I realized that since I am using Firebase anyway, might as well take advantage of its Cloud Functions to add a little search functionality to the blog, particularly for its 404 page.

search box

Of course, I am cheating a little bit. Using the above search box actually just redirects the search to my favorite search engine, DuckDuckGo, resulting in the following:

DuckDuckGo search

Implementing it is almost trivial. First, we need index.js inside the functions subdirectory with the content as short as this (obviously, for your blog, replace site accordingly):

const functions = require('firebase-functions'); = functions.https.onRequest((request, response) => {
  const q = request.query.q || '';

Once it is properly deployed, the trigger URL will be in the form of This is rather ugly. To overcome that, set up a rewrite inside firebase.json so that it looks something like:

    "hosting": {
      "rewrites": [{
          "source" : "/search",
          "function": "search"

and thus, the function is available as the top-level /search of your Firebase Hosting URL, including if it is a custom domain.

After this, inserting the search box is also equally fun:

<form action="/search">
<p><input type="text" name="q" required> <button type="submit">Search</button></p>

When a visitor uses the search, they will get redirected to DuckDuckGo and be presented with the search result. Fast and easy!

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