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Computer vs Computer

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I’m very bad at playing games. A high-school kid can beat me easily in almost any imaginable types of game. However, I’d like to enjoy the game itself, for the graphics, its gameplay, special effects, sound effects, etc. One way to do this is by watching the game while the player’s role is taken the computer. In some games, many players can even be played by the computer, e.g. really fun to do this with combat games.

So when I read about Microsoft Anti-Spyware prompts user to remove Norton AntiVirus, I could only smile. This is just not new (e.g. main task of an antivirus is typically to combat the viruses), but apparently elimination of a real product (one could also argue whether NAV is that really useful) by another one, in this particular case is more highlighted because it is official tool from Microsoft, may become common in the future.

I would not be that surprised if this Anti-Spyware later on will also remove Internet Explorer 😛

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