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Language, Another Take

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Still about language, I feel that my language skill already starts to

Regarding the issues like KDE vs GNOME (these days, XGL vs AIGL), once

I explained to somebody:

“Typically only the clueless ones, who do not contribute anything

– let alone coding – are busy exaggerating the issues, thus fueling the flame


“Hey! Just because you are a developer does not mean you can ignore

the feedback from a Joe User…“

which surely prompted a big question mark in my head: _did I say that

I hate normal users?_ This guy apparently framed an impression in his brain

that I did that, a total fallacy which either was entirely his imagination

or possibly because I did not express my opinion clear enough.

In another occasion, with another guy we faced a circuit which needs

explanation. After spending few minutes scribbling some diagrams,

this guy was still confused:

“I don’t understand this. The circuit should not behave like this.

I expect it to be like this …bla bla bla

“Yeah fine, but how it works is not defined by you.”

“Still, this kind of function is not what I need!”

Well, even


can not change the way hardware works,

otherwise your iPod has no button at all. And if it is that easy,

Matthias Ettrich

surely already gave us focus-follows-mind a long time ago.

Forget about techie talk. Often in daily life this situation also


Somebody shouted to me:

“Dude, our does

not work! It just keeps doing stupid thing like this!”

“OK, let me see….(few minutes later). I see, I think it’s because

bla bla bla… long explanation… ideas for workaround….”

(still shouting)“But that’s not normal! It must not act like


followed by a full lecture why it should not happen at all. Gee,

he thought that because I was trying to explain the possible culprit in that

particular madness, I also fully believed that the behavior is justified

(and thus I need to be convinced about the annoyance). Good, except that it was all only in his mind.

Or, in a discussion with guys from many different countries:

“I’m not really impressed by my countrymen. There are few who

successfully pushed themselves very hard and later on became decision makers

for many big companies. But millions others are quite afraid to experience

even just a simple change in their life.”

“Maybe because they don’t need it. Maybe they’re already happy for

what they have. Perhaps they don’t like to go abroad.

Or they love simple life…“

“But they deserve better! And we know that they are actually able

to do it…“

and so the continued discussion became less interesting to follow.

I never said that his countrymen don’t deserve it, or are not capable

to do such. I merely offered possible causes (OK, it’s stupid analysis but

still) and all of sudden, it was going on the wrong direction.

/me sucks

Postscript: Man, I started to write like


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