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Euros vs Features

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Recently I wanted a mini music centre. I tried to search for what I need,
but still could not find the best compromise between the features
and the amount of money I have to spend.

Finally there was a special offer from a discount market. I carefully

checked the flyer to see whether it fulfills my requirement. For example,

sleep mode and remote control are necessary because I just like listening

to radio just when I am about to fall asleep. Auxiliary input is also a

must since I want to connect it to the DVD player.

Seems everything is fine, so I showed up in the store minutes after

it was opened and bought it.

Because the price is half of typical music centre found in electronic

shops, I was ready to be surprised if there are some catches.

Fortunately, it is all just as good as I imagine. Sub woofer is included,

which I did not really need but why not. There are even USB port

and MMC slot, nice to plug-in the portable player or card containing music files.

Few design decisions seem strange to me. The power supply is

inside the sub woofer box, probably to reduce the space in the main unit.

That means I can’t use the system without sub woofer at all, but that’s not

so bad. Speakers are small, yet the output is loud enough anyway for

my small apartment. I can’t judge the quality because my ears have

close to zero sensitivity to tones. As for the FM receiver, I doubt that it

tunes to all stations but there are few good strong stations so I could not

care more. For playing CD, I must placed it from

the top which is not so interesting because I put everything in the shelf.

A normal CD tray would have been better. Since I have limited music collection,

that’s not a big deal at all.

I could say that I’m really happy with it. I would have spent twice

the amount of money if I want the common mini music centre, which has more

features that what I really need anyway. So why waste more euros.

I wish we had such choice also for mobile phone. Unfortunately, I still can

not find a phone which fully fits my requirements: no camera at all,

maximum battery duration, sturdy case, easy-to-use menu, and good reception.

I’m old fashioned, I’d like to use it only to make phone calls, so if possible

I’d like to avoid extra euros, time, distraction, headache because

the phone has music player, camera, wireless connectivity, browser, and other

extra baggage.

But I can see here that I’m dreaming. Or maybe I’m just the most

selfish (potential) customer.

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