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After launching Ming, which is Linux-based, expect Motorola to unveil FLSH and GRDN in the near future. These are again such funny names, just like previous Motorola RAZR (my favourite!), ROKR, and SLVR.

But FLSH GRDN is just simply old fashion. My take: why not sponsoring the potential most-discussed movies? Then an interesting set of names may pop up for recent ones, like

Motorola ETHN (and HUNT)

Motorola DVNC, or better (?) RBRT LGDN

Motorola VNDT

Motorola CAPT SPRW

..and so on

Probably also for (too late) names like:

Motorola MILN FLCN

Motorola DRTH VADR (with special edition IMYR FTHR)

Motorola ANKN SKWL

Motorola PADM AMDL

Motorola OBWN KNBI

Any other cool ideas?

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