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Stress testing

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Recently I got WordPerfect 7 suite from ebay (which apparently can only be installed in Windows 95, but I don’t really bother to install it) which comes with over 5000 clip-arts in WordPerfect Graphics (WPG) format. The total size is over 200 MB. This is a ideal test for libwpg and its tools (wpg2svg and wpg2odg). So far, the conversion tools do not crash handling all of them. I let it run also under Valgrind, and it is still running as I write this…

BTW, thanks to klik technology, the easiest way to check libwpg-based WPG support in Inkscape (what I wrote before) is by klik://inkscape-latest. Details can be found in A very convenient way to check those old WPG collections.

Meanwhile wpg2odg starts to reach the same support level as wpg2svg, except where some complex gradients which can’t be handled properly in OpenDocument Graphics format. It does not matter, as such uses of gradients are very rare anyway (from what I observed on those clip-art files).

Compare what shows below against what Inkscape renders (ignore the different proportion as I resized the whole picture in already). I really hope that future version of supports anti-aliased painting.

Back to those 5000 clip-arts. Now I have thousands of SVG and ODG files as well as a very long Valgrind log to analyze…

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