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Google as your assistant

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Soon Google technologies would manage you life (almost) completely.

Just recently I had short chat with someone I haven’t met for ages. I was doing this through chat feature of Google Mail. Cause we had not so much time to talk, we planned to have another chat session on Friday:

Later on, I checked the chat log again. I wanted to put a reminder in my calendar (using Google Calendar), but then look what was offered to me right there:

Putting privacy issues aside, apparently my chat log is automatically analyzed (no surprise here, messages in Google Mail is scanned to determine the content-targeted ads). Because seems that I and my friend have an appointment to chat again, that’s why I was given the link to add it to my calendar.

In another test, I chatted with someone and just typed “how about dinner on friday?”, and yes, Google Mail interface again displays the link to add “dinner” to my calendar. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

I predict that soon it’s even completely normal that, if you plan a lunch with your business partner, perhaps somewhere downtown, Google technologies could place a call, make the reservation, confirm the menu, order the taxi at the right time (complete with printed optimal route for the driver), pull the right business documents, etc etc.

What a digital life.

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