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just one chance, just one breath

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It is definitely interesting to know Oslo, one of the most beautiful and also most expensive city in the world.

My first touchdown wasn’t that smooth, however. Just a day before I left, I caught a terrible cold. This was likely because I was too tired after the 5-day conference in Berlin and had only few hours to rest. I travel very seldom, but just when I had these important flights, both were delayed and caused some incoveniences. I still managed to get the very last express train from the Oslo airport to the crowded downtown (this was weekend afterall) and found my hotel. So here I was cold, sick, hungry, with this bad fever, looking around trying to feed myself with some sensible food and hot drink at over midnight in a completely foreign land, at the same still trying to understand the Norwegian Kroner. Fortunately everyone here does understand English. And fortunately there is Deli de Luca everywhere. In the end I was finished with my business at 3 am and fell asleep almost immediately.

Nationaltheater Oslo

I took the time on Sunday to take some needed rest. In the afternoon I met Helder, the current maintainer of SpeedCrunch, and he became my just-in-time guide and showed me some nice spots of Oslo, although the weather wasn’t so friendly. We had a nice dinner together. Of course we discussed a bit about SpeedCrunch. Unfortunately Johan did not manage to come here; otherwise we’re set for a SpeedCrunch Developer Conference 🙂

I spent Monday mostly in Trolltech office. Some faces were already familiar to me and it’s good also to finally meet some others chaps I know only in names as well as few other famous Trolls. Simon gave me a tour of all the cool stuff they have. It was definitely very impressive.

My time in Oslo was obviously too short. And due to the weather, I still missed some beautiful sights Helder told me. For sure, I must go back again someday…

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