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PictureFlow on real device (or CoverFlow on Chumby)

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Update: see also PictureFlow running on different mobile devices, from Greenphone to HTC smartphones.

Chumby is a new hardware widget with open systems design. Jesper recently showed how to put Qt on Chumby, along with PictureFlow, as can be seen in his YouTube video:

Chumby is not even yet available on stores, you got it only if you’re an insider. And it’s like only a week after I placed the code of PictureFlow on the net. And with Jesper’s nice work, this cool little Chumby has already CoverFlow-like effect on par with iPod.

It is also a proof that PictureFlow’s performance is satisfactory even on portable device. Chumby has only a 300Mhz ARM9 processor, but the effect is quite smooth.

So, who’s next?

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