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iPhone in Germany

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In Germany, iPhone is sold with a price tag of 399 euros. But then you must sign a 24 months exclusive contract with T-Mobile, with a minimum plan of 49 euros monthly fee. This means (ignoring depreciation) at least you’ll lose 1575 euros in total. With one time activation fee, that makes it 1600 euros. On top of that, if you want to actually make a call, be ready to face the 39 cents/minute rate, which is (insanely) expensive compared to other offers. The fact that it is T-Mobile is also interesting, I don’t know whether it means a bless or a disaster.

Due to a move from Vodafone, T-Mobile is also forced to sell an unlocked iPhone. So you can pick your favorite provider but only if you’re ready to shell out 999 euros for that. Might be better, but 999 euros? You can get 21 Motorola w205 with that amount of money 🙂 Or do/buy other sensible stuff.

Usually I am not that skeptical. But this does not sound like a success recipe at all.

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