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chicken tandoori masala

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Walking around in Weihnachtsmarkt, we noticed someone selling spices. It looks convincing, actually they sell products from Dudel. Among others, there was Tandoori masala so we bought it and gave it a try. It is more expensive that a spice bag found in typical Asian shop, but according to Dudel’s website, their spices are 100% natural and without any additives or flavorings.

This tandoori masala, according to the descriptions, comprises of coriander, cumin, ginger, garlic, chili, and salt. Sounds good. The poor man’s way to prepare it is by marinate the chicken with the spices and leave it overnight. Adding extra fresh garlic and ginger in pieces will do no harm. After then, cook everyhing with a pressure cooker. Halfway, let it cool and add yoghurt. You can add coconut milk, but personally I think yoghurt gives better look. Add some vegetables and enjoy!

P.S: sorry for the quality of the picture, my Nikon camera gets older and its picture gets worse.

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