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bye, Munich. see you in US!

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I am back in Oslo for a short rest before flying again to US. Of course, I am still having symptoms of sleep deprivation, in the last 5 days in Munich I managed to accumulate only 19 hours of sleep. Though the schedule was tight, I could squeeze few hours of sight-seeing, among others to visit Castle Neuschwanstein and Viktualienmarkt.

At least in my opinion, Qt Developer Days 2008 in Munich was a success. Our fellow Trolls who organized this event did a great job. We announced a fresh Qt IDE called Greenhouse and also the first Pimp My Widgets contest (the pimp himself was there on-stage), ate a piece of the 5-years DevDays cake, had a wonderful dinner with the partners and customers, and of course enjoyed a lot of talks and discussions with them as well.

I was quite content with my technical talks: QtWebKit: Present and Future and Beautiful and Blazing-Fast Graphics with Qt. The room was jam-packed for both of them. Lots of questions in the QA session, even more after the talks.

In about 10 days I will be in Redwood City for US Qt Developer Days 2008. Looks like I will be in around in San Francisco even from the weekend before. In addition, next week I will be in Boston for another business trip. Thus, if you are around and want to have a snack or a chat, just mail me at!

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