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Android-like parallax sliding

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At Redwood City
Qt Developer Days
(also where, BTW,
a bunch of KDE geeks
made a funny group photo), I started a tradition: throw an idea for a demo and
I will implement it for the talk. The challenge for my graphics talk was the
subtle effect in the Android‘s
home screen. We saw T-Mobile G1
the night before and recalled again the good old
games in the eighties.
So the next morning I waked up earlier both to rehearse my talk (again) and to implement this parallax sliding.
It turned out to be almost trivial to implement (200 lines of code) so just
check it out!

For the lazy, do enjoy the screen capture below, or

see also the screencast

on YouTube

or or just grab the

Ogg Theora video (4.2 MB).

Happy parallaxing!

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