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As Harry entered the room, he saw Ron hopelessly fighting with his magic tablet.
Ron was desperately trying to look for something using the tablet.
Harry pulled his wand and then “Flickify!”

The Qt Everywhere mantra means that Qt will be available in more and more platform,

including of course mobile devices. For example, the recently announced

Qt S60

means that 80 million devices can become the target market for Qt application developers.

In another front, touch screen seems to be the future direction.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (better known

as Tube) starts the new generation of S60 devices with touch screen. As introduced

by Apple on iPhone, navigating a long list in a device with touch screen is best

done using flickable list. The scrolling effect is also often known as

kinetic scrolling.

Though up to now Qt does not offer an official mean to flick-enable your list,

apparently it can be done without too much effort. Heck, you do not even

need to modify your code.

Flick Charm,

my latest graphics example exactly demonstrates the idea. The trick is to use

an event filter to hijack the mouse events and then to scroll the widget

properly. This simple charm apparently works on any


subclasses, including all the ItemViews and of course

QGraphicsView as well as


Check out the following screencast for the proof:

(Screencast is also available for direct watch at or


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