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This week in Oslo we have visitors, as evidenced from this picture:

(Zoltan, Holger, Simon, another Zoltan, Enrico, Tor Arne, Ariya).

Basically we are doing a QtWebKit hackfest. Beside the usual three musketeers of us (Guardians of QtWebKit here in Oslo), we have also two Zoltans and Akos (not in the picture) coming from University of Szeged, as well as Holger (WebKit open-source developer) and Enrico (Italian ueber-hacker).

We managed to nail down a lots of stuff, among other the discussion about development workflow using git, a heavy round of final API review, brainstorming on the DOM API, ACID3 patches merge and some, font, handlings, lots of bug fixes and touches such as fix for annoying focus problem, cursor flashing, proper non SVG build, multiple file chooser support, state save and restore signals, native plugins, instance lifetime, file extension for images, autogenerated inspector qrc, fix for Enter does not work, missing plugin icon, and many other stuff, including non-technical ones.

It is a fun hackfest and we certainly need to do this more often 🙂

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