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Readers of my blogs might notice the remark “heavy corporate bias” [1] which was the most interesting comment after I showed the result of JavaScript benchmark test. Interesting? Because I work for Nokia [2] and none of the product shown in that benchmark result is from Nokia.

Of course I am not stupid. It is just because I am paid to hack on QtWebKit [3], right? It does not matter if I never pushed QtWebKit to replace KHTML or KJS. It does not matter if I never (God forbid) bad-mouthed or insulted KHTML, KJS, KOffice, or any other KDE sub-projects, or any of its developers. It does not matter if I (and other KDE developers and ex-developers here in Qt Software) give our best [4] to ensure that the latest Qt release plays well with KDE 4.x.

I guess some people are just hostile, not matter what I do. The greatest lessons of it are (1) I try to be active again in KDE, despite Real Life ™ would make it a difficult task (2) I will post more food pictures, apparently these did not annoy people enough 🙂

On a slightly unrelated side note: after all these (tough) years, “biased” is probably not really my thing (those who know me well, please speak up!). I use all major browsers on an almost equal basis. Of all three phones I use since I start working for Nokia, none of them are Nokia ones. I enjoy working on QtWebKit, yet I like the simplicity and easy-to-follow KHTML. My home machine runs (the beautiful) KDE 4, my work desktop is still with (the trusted) KDE 3. I am a proud vim user but hardly recommend it to novices. My main debugging tool is still gdb but everyone knows how I praise VS integrated debugging. I like and use git (rebase) with passion, still I believe mercurial patch-queue rocks. I contributed a lot to KOffice but I am a great fan of Jody Goldberg and Michael Meeks’ work on Gnumeric and

If you come to me [5] and tell me how bad my code is, likely I will buy you a drink. And I am usually still the one who hates my code most.

[1] The phrase “heavy corporate bias” starts to become an insider joke here among my fellow Trolls 🙂
[2] The disclaimer in my blog explicitly states do not necessarily represent the official view of my employer.
[3] If you fail to see the connection, Chrome and Safari are powered by WebKit as well.
[4] We are still human^Troll, and there are only 7 days a week.
[5] Nokia employees may not enter the contest.

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