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quattro cinque zero

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Today (three-three-nine, no conspiracy about the chosen date, please!) Qt Software releases Qt 4.5.0!

There are a number of interesting things about this particular release: lots of performance improvements, simultaneous release of Qt Creator 1.0 which enables the Qt SDK package, LGPL as the new license option, and plenty of new and improved features.

Personally this is an exciting release for me, since it contains some of my work since I joined Qt Software (nee Trolltech). Among others, I did a bit of optimizations for Graphics View, touched the low-level graphics stuff at times where I understood it, and of course – my main task – integrated a lot of WebKit features into the QtWebKit module.

Download Qt 4.5 (or via torrents) while it is fresh. Especially with the SDK package, there is no excuse not to learn C++ and Qt anymore.

PS: can you spot me in the group picture? 🙂

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