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introducing X2

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I know the number of Qt experts out there is growing (like crazy). Still, I believe we should do more to help people master this great framework. I am aware that I might bore you with few Qt code examples I did last year or even the year before, but somehow I feel that I won’t do no harm if I keep sharing new stuff I learn every now and then (especially since now I got a new toy). And maybe it’s not too bad if I change this blog tagline to “don’t code today what you can’t share tomorrow” 🙂

Since I am not with Nokia/Qt anymore, I also left the Graphics Dojo corner behind. I decide to publish my new and upcoming Qt examples under a new moniker: X2 from Ofi Labs. The two Xs there stand technically for eXperiments and eXamples, though X2 only sounds cool (even if that X-Men movie would not exist) and I prefer it that way. The name “Ofi Labs” will require a longer explanation, which I rather not elaborate right now.

The git repository for X2 is at In the next few days, watch this space for the first few examples.

Meanwhile, enjoy the logo. If you are an artist, feel free to propose a new and better logo!

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