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SenchaCon 2010

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At the last successful, sold-out Sencha Conference 2010, I did two introductory talks about JavaScript and WebKit, mainly targeted for web application developers. Since a few weeks ago, the videos for these talks have been available for you to watch.

JavaScript Engines: Under the Hood is 10,000-foot overview on how a typical JavaScript engine works. Watch it below or at, with the accompanying slides at

The other talk Compiling and Optimizing Your Own Browser with WebKit ( for the video, for the slide deck), mostly showing few tricks you can leverage to understand how your web applications work. For example, by using QtWebKit and capturing all the drawing commands and the corresponding timestamp, it is very easy to have a slow-motion rendering of your web page. As I showed it in the talk, it is even possible to go back in time, i.e. rendering your web page backwards.

Many other videos from SenchaCon 2010 have been published as well. Make sure you check them out.


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