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spooky testing: casper, ghostbuster, poltergeist

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With Halloween around the corner, it seems to be a good time to mention some interesting projects related to PhantomJS, the headless WebKit tool I have started some time ago.

If you think writing test cases for PhantomJS is too close to the metal, then have a look at Casper.js ( from Nicolas Perriault. Spend few minutes reading the documentation and you’ll agree that this will simplify your PhantomJS scripts by a huge margin.

An alternative approach is Ghostbuster (, created by Joshua Hull. Again, there are several very useful convenience functions, in particular to emulate the user behavior as he steps through your web applications.

Capybara is a popular tool to test Ruby-based web applications. Integration of PhantomJS with Capybara has been requested (see issue #50). While waiting until this feature will be supported (if ever), one solution to run Capybara tests headlessly is by using Jonathan Leighton’s excellent Poltergeist (, a PhantomJS driver for Capybara.

Pick Casper, GhostBuster, or Poltergeist or even all of them! “Trick or test?”

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