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SenchaCon 2011 was a blast: tons of technical talks, great conversations with a lot of people, and lively Austin. Read more about the official mega-recap at Sencha blog.

As I mentioned earlier, this year I had a partner-in-crime running two presentations related to web technologies. Because the way Jarred and I ran our talks, the slides were there only for the supporting materials. Some of the concepts we showed were better understood through the demos. Having said that, hopefully the slides will whet your appetite until the recorded video becomes available in the near future. Update: the recorded videos are available now.

For the first talk Hacking WebKit and Its JavaScript Engine, the slides are as follows (or view it directly on SlideShare).

When I find some spare time (which is rare these days), I’ll finish my draft blog post on the use PhantomJS as part of your development workflow via git precommit hook. And if you are still not convinced, wait until you really enjoy the per-pixel regression tests which run at lightning speed.

For Hardware Acceleration on Mobile talk, here is the slide deck or straight on SlideShare. It is basically the more elaborate version of the same topic I’ve written at Sencha blog corner Understanding Hardware Acceleration on Mobile Browsers (which is also one of the top tweeted Sencha blog posts in the last few months):

While waiting till the videos are available, enjoy!

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