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three charms in a year

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Luck comes in threes. And I believe it’s mostly good luck, not bad luck.

This year alone I finally had the time to publish three new open-source projects (one of them is as part of Sencha Labs) at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.

The first in line is PhantomJS, the headless WebKit (based on the Qt port). Since it was announced back in January, it is mentioned in lots of online articles and used in many different projects, from assorted testing frameworks to screen capture service. Full review will be revealed during its first birthday in few weeks. If you like PhantomJS in its first year, expect to love its upcoming second one!

Something I have started back in June was CSS Beautify, a simple JavaScript library to format and indent styles written in CSS. For some cases where you would find it useful, read my brief announcement about this tool.

Last but not least, Esprima. This project is also exciting for me because writing a JavaScript parser in pure JavaScript which hits the compromise of performance and readability has been always in my agenda. For the detailed insight, as well as Esprima’s speed feature, read its project announcement few weeks back.

Another year, another fun!

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