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Ghost Flower

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By Stan Shebs (Own work), CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Few days ago we experienced the equinox. That also means a new release of PhantomJS, the scriptable headless WebKit. This time we hit version 1.5 under the code name Ghost Flower. You are recommended to check the full Release Notes, the notable highlights are pure headless without X11/Xlib/Xvfb on Linux, interactive mode (REPL), remote debugging (Linux only), and various other small improvements as well as bug fixes. And by the way, Flash (and other NPAPI plugins) support is also gone!

Due to the more-than-usual amount of new features coming in to this version, expect some rough edges here and there. There are already fixes scheduled for 1.5.1. A lot of behind-the-scene development workflow also makes it easier to backport future 1.6 fixes to the 1.5.x series. Expect some of my upcoming blog posts to talk about this. Also, feel free to track the development on Github, the project page, and/or the mailing-list. If you are new to this wonderful world of headless WebKit, I suggest looking at various related projects and how people use it on assorted use-cases.

Kudos to all contributors to this Ghost Flower release!

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