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Autumn 2012 Conferences

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Summer is gone. A little plan for me for this autumn is to deliver some tech talks.

The first one will be this weekend at the Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012 in Los Altos. I’ll be giving a talk Understanding WebKit Rendering (Sunday, 1:15 pm). Showing web contents as pixels on your screen is one very important responsibility of a rendering engine like WebKit. If you are curious how this happens behind the scene, check out my session. In addition, you will learn why blindly applying magical spell such as “use translate3d” can have unintended effects to your page performance.

The next one will be very exciting for me because it will be held in New York, a place I really wanted to visit since ages. In about 3 weeks, I should be speaking at EmpireJS. This time, I’ll continue my push towards a better tooling for JavaScript, with a talk on the topic of Bringing JavaScript Code Analysis to the Next Level. If you are passionate about tools and eager to improve the development workflow of front-end developers, engage on this discussion with me. Expect to see some materials around parser, code coverage, instrumentation and profiling, static code analysis, code regeneration, and many related subjects.

My summer conferences experience was a blast. Could this season be better?

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