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Summer 2013 Conferences

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Just like last year, summer means I’ll hit the road and do some evangelism work.

First, I’m scheduled for O’Reilly VelocityConf 2013, June 20 in Santa Clara. This will be my third time speaking at Velocity and I’m quite thrilled about that. This time, my talk (Thursday, 1:15pm) is about Emerging Language Tools to Track JavaScript Quality and Performance.

Next, Waltham, MA should be my next visit. Engineers4Engineers (June 28) will be pretty exciting, I pick the topic of Next-Generation JavaScript Language Tooling for my 45-minute talk. This conference is also top-notch, you’ll see a few amazing rockstars, including Charles Nutter (JRuby) and Mitchell Hashimoto (Vagrant). I’m a big fan of them and can’t wait to learn some magic tricks from their sessions.

Mid July, I’ll be doing several talks at SenchaCon 2013 in Orlando, FL (disclosure: Sencha is my employer). One of them is ECMAScript 6: JavaScript of the Future. If you are an avid follower of this blog, you probably can guess what this is all about just by reading my past posts on ECMAScript 6.

If you will be around in any of these places, let’s chat!

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