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The Amazing Velocity 2013

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Last week I was at Velocity 2013, a conference focusing on web performance and operations. The schedule was packed with high-quality sessions, the event was also attended by many luminaries and experts in the field. This was my third Velocity and it keeps getting better.

Of course, another amazing aspect of such a conference is being able to talk to people, meet old acquaintances, make new friends, and have some fruitful discussions. Rest assured, I’m going to use some ideas from those discussions to shape the direction of my upcoming activities.

I presented a topic on JavaScript language tooling (BTW, this was also the first time I used my Chromebook Pixel for running the slides and doing the live demo, it worked like a charm!). Regular readers of this blog have probably seen some of the tools explained in the talk, I have covered in the past in the following posts (for more articles on the similar topic, check the Highlights section):

You can also check the slide deck (download as PDF, 6.1 MB).

There was live streaming of the keynote sessions, they are also available for offline viewing. If you want to enjoy the recorded video of every single talk, you need to buy the Complete Video Compilation.

Update: You can also watch the recorded video on YouTube (39 minutes).

Velocity initiated my summer tour (next stop: Waltham for Engineers4Engineers and Orlando for SenchaCon) with an amazing start. See you next year at Velocity 2014!

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