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With my new partner-in-crime Ann Robson, we had a presentation JavaScript Insights at the most recent HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco. In this talk, we discussed several important JavaScript code quality tools.

You might have seen my previous renditions of this theme (Fluent, Velocity, and a few others), yet those variants were quite jam-packed and too condensed. As Ann has written in her blog post, one primary objective of this new attempt is to make it “more palatable and practical”.

The biggest challenge we experienced during the brewing process of the presentation is figuring out the right composition. We have enough materials to talk all day long about JavaScript language tooling, but we need to pack it in such a way that it can be thought-provoking enough and yet not too cliché. We covered topics such as multi-layer defense, pre-commit hook, code coverage, and cyclomatic complexity. There were also further discussion on tools to catch things like stray logging, Boolean traps, strict mode violations, polluting and unused variables, and nested conditionals.

If you missed this talk, enjoy the slide deck (download as PDF, 1.5 MB).

Update: Check also the 40-minute video.

Of course, feel free to send us your feedback, just hit @arobson and/or @ariyahidayat on Twitter!

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