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Great Teams Make History

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The Spurs just recently won the 2014 NBA Finals with a series of convincing games. Most importantly however, they demonstrated the amazing traits of unselfishness and teamwork. It is not about getting the individual fame and glory, it is all about working together towards the common goal.

Time and time again we witnessed the excellent execution of team effort, both in the defense and offense (if you missed it, watch the following 1-minute clip). Every player, superstar or not, is a key element to the orchestrated attack. Some players will get the assist and field goal points in their stats, but nobody would care if the team loses. On other hand, when the team wins, everyone deserves the credit.

If you are an engineer, the adventure of the Spurs towards the championship provides an extremely valuable lesson. As I have written in details in the previous blog post Impact Factor, once you are past the initial stage of proving yourself, the real journey begins. Your career immediately reaches saturation if you can not escape from the checklist mentality. It is not about being a lone wolf anymore, it is all about collaboration and playmaking.

The tagline of a magazine ad (it was for Visual Studio) that I spotted 6 years ago said it best:

Good coders solve problem. Great teams make history.

Be a source of inspiration for your team mates and you’ll ultimately shape the future!

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