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camp kde 2011

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Camp KDE 2011 was a fabulous experience. First of all, there is definitely something with me and Camp KDE. The previous one was in San Diego and at that time I was there working for Qualcomm. This year it is San Francisco, right after I moved to the Bay Area.

Videos of the sessions have been published. I contributed two talks there, one is about the (usual) graphics stuff with Qt (video, slides). The other one is a series of demos of web technologies (video, slides).

There are some interview videos as well. If you watch Wade and me, you can spot a little guy there. Pay attention to his shirt 🙂

The venue can’t be better, it’s in the center of Japantown. Even better, the weekend after is the Cherry Blossom Festival.

cherry blossoms

Since I don’t live in a big city anymore, it’s also fascinating to be able to spot a cozy cafe right between all the big buildings. Right in Japantown, we found YakiniQ which serves a must-try sweet potato latte!

latte & croissant

All in all, it was a blast for me. Beside catching up with the people I met before, finally I got to meet folks I only know through our online interaction.

Kudos to the Camp KDE organizers! See you in 2012.

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