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Work-life balance always fascinates me. After all, we all have personal and work email addresses for a good reason. Sometimes it helps to avoid conflicts of interests, often it is useful to draw the demarcation line between the career and personal life.

Some people I know are very good at this, e.g. not doing any work-related activities in the afternoon because that is family time. I had done multiple attempts, including setting a specific gadget-free evening, without much success. Being passionate about your work and being passionate with your family are not the easiest thing to do. Thus, herewith I’d like to set up another experiment, as simple as limiting the social media to particular groups and setting a clear boundary of both side of my life.

The implications, if you are following me on various channels, are not much. For a start, from now on I treat this blog (which you are currently reading right now), my @ariyahidayat Twitter account, my Google+ profile, and my Facebook page as personal space. You won’t expect to find anything related to my professional work. Stuff I would discuss in the future, anything from magical Qt tricks to crazy JavaScript projects, are something which are not endorsed, sponsored, encouraged, funded, nor recommended by my employer.

What if you like my Sencha-related activities? Fortunately, Sencha has a wide variety of social outreach. Follow me at @AriyaFunAtWork for Sencha-oriented streams I personally curate. Also there is always Sencha blog corner, where I sometimes wrote about anything from browser hardware acceleration to building JavaScript engines. In addition, Sencha Vimeo hosts some recordings of my talk, Sencha SlideShare gives you the slide decks.

Note that I mention this as an experiment. If things won’t work well, I might have to come back to unified social media again. Until then I can try to get more personal with you. Finger crossed!

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