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Unconfidential tricks to challenge brainwashing

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If you are a regular reader of The Altucher Confidential, his recently published book I Was Blind But Now I See can be high on your reading list. The book is essentially the “best of” collection of his blog posts, often expanded with some new supporting materials. This is both good and bad: it feels familiar if you already read what James wrote in the past and it triggers some questions if you have no idea about his personality.

Fortunately, in the typical Altucher style, the insight offered in the book is both courageous and honest. Since the premise of the book is the uncover the constant brainwashing occurs in the society, it has to provide some thought-provoking kicks to really rattle the ground. There are topics ranging from real estate situation (buying vs renting), formal education plan (college or no college), ideas sharing (via self publishing), to various self-improvement awareness practices.

At times the book seems to be picky on a particular solution (e.g. use CreateSpace to get started with self publishing). However, this is not a big deal, the problem domain requires a specific example on how to solve it but yet it can be generalized enough without losing the spirit of the idea. And of course this is not Inception, it’s perfectly allright to disagree with what James wrote in the book!

The Kindle edition costs only 99 cents. Get a copy while it’s hot.

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