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typical ofi #40

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durian with ice

Web technologies are not too much different than durian: either you love it or you hate it.

At AppUp Elements last week, Intel and Samsung announced Tizen, web-based system derived from MeeGo and LiMo. If Linux Foundation would succeed in running this project with open-governance, things could be interesting for its future.

Other conferences taking place are JSConf EU in Berlin and jQuery conference in Boston. As predicted, the easiest and fastest way to follow what the hottest stuff in both events is by checking Twitter for #jsconfeu and #jqcon.

Amazon finally announced the Android-based latest Kindle Fire. This is different than another iPad-wannabe in a way that it is marketed differently. Also, with $199 tag price, Fire is a tablet targeted at non-geeks (though I’m sure even a geek will not refuse to enjoy it) who conduct the business around Amazon ecosystem, anything from books to Amazon-own appstore.

While Fire gets a welcoming response, controversy rises from its browser, Amazon Silk. Unlike traditional web browser, Silk can use server assistance (based on EC2, another Amazon infrastructure) to speed up the browser experience. Though this can be turned off, the sensitive term of proxy already triggers some privacy concerns.

Expect this Tuesday to be another less-productive day. All attention would be given to Apple’s event, where the rumored two versions of iPhone will be finally revealed to the world, quite likely without the presence of Steve Jobs.

For most fans, durian is fantastic when it is served cold. Just like a revenge.

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